SEO Consultancy Services, Branding & Optimisation.

Whether you are looking to run an SEO campaign or build a new Website, Market Jar will help you to enhance your brand online, generate leads and most importantly provide you with a strong long-term investment.

SEO Optimisation

it is vital that your busness is evidently visible and positioned well online.

Website Design

We work with everyone from huge commercially known names to start -ups, we offer freelance rates, with agency professionalism

Content Marketing

We create valuable,quality content that is engaging and likely to be linked to.

Social Media Marketing

A solid brand strategy and guidelines to help you achieve your goals.

Email Marketing

Reach a wider audience with the ability to determine wexactly who will see your message

Company Branding

Do you want to express the historic heritage of your company in the digital age .

Whether you want to
kickstart your online
existence or improve
your existing presence
our team will get you

Market Jar is a game-changing digital company that links online Marketing & Technology allowing companies to deliver results faster. We work with everyone from huge commercially known names to start-ups, we offer freelance rates, with agency professionalism.

Our developers are highly specialised, they have each worked for small, medium, and large brands for a minimum of 20 years.

So far, 30+ companies from diverse market sectors across Europe and London are putting Market Jar at the core of their digital strategy. We’d be delighted to discuss how Market Jar can help your company grow.

Consultation & Audit

First of all, we will conduct an audit of your existing presence, website, keywords, existing rankings and website status.

Our Project


We will write up a full legal contract, and ask you to read and sign before the consultation can begin.


We will implement an on-going bespoke consultation to fit your budget,
keyword research and online strategy

Ready to put Market Jar at the
forefront of your online strategy?