LTF Recruitment CRM System

Who is LTF Recruitment?

LTF Recruitment works closely with hundreds of Nursery, Primary, Secondary, Academy and Special Needs schools, successfully placing Senior Leaders, Teachers and Support Staff in education throughout the UK. LTF wants to be recognised for the quality of service they bring to schools. “We strive to be the leading agency in the market and to be recognised nationally as experts in our field”.

The Scenario:

LTF Recruitment came to Market Jar in June 2019 to inquire about a brand new bespoke CRM system to be implemented to the back-end of their website. The CRM system will optimize customer satisfaction by providing a comprehensive and easily accessible portal that aggregates information about customers, markets, and processes. One of the key deliverables of any CRM system is that it provides a consistent experience, which means that a customer receives the same quality and support across all channels including customer support centre (telephone), internet, email and field representatives.

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